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Getting Started

About the Server #

This server is a PVP server with griefing allowed. Spawn is a safe zone but once you leave spawn you are in the wild and can be attacked. The goal of the server is to make money… lots of money. You can do this by growing drugs, trading, raiding, PVP, or any other way you choose.

The world border is set at +20,000 to -20,000, you may create a base anywhere within this range.

Getting Into the Wild #

One of the first things you will need to do get into the wild. You can run out of spawn and into the wild or you may use the command /wild to be randomly teleported. This command may only be used every 20 minutes so make sure you use it wisely.

Setting Your First Home #

Homes are locations that you can save and teleport back to from anywhere. New players are only allowed one home but as you rankup, your home limit is increased. Its a good idea that once you find a spot or use /wild command to just set your home there, you can remove your home and set a new one as much as you need.

  • To set your home at your location use /sethome <home-name>
  • To remove a home use /remhome <home-name>
  • To teleport to your home use /home <home-name>
  • To see a list of your homes use /home list

Starting Your Base #

Once you find a location you’d like to make your base at make sure you set your home there. You will not spawn at your bed after you die, so make sure you use your homes wisely. It is a good idea to make bases underground as it is much harder for players to find and raid your base.

Growing Your First Drugs #

To start you only have access to weed. You will unlock more as you /rankup. You can find weed seeds by breaking grass in the wild. Weed grows just like Wheat. You’ll need to till some dirt(with a hoe) close to water, place down your seeds, and watch them grow. Weed is not the most profitable drug but it’s a great place to start for new players to earn some cash. Take a look at the list of drugs below if you are interested in expanding your grow operation.

Selling Your Drugs #

There are two ways to sell drugs. Drug Shops and Drug Dealers.

Drug Shops are the easiest as then are always available. You can find them by going to spawn(/spawn) and following the yellow patches straight ahead of you.

Drug Dealers spawn randomly every 15-30 minutes. They can buy and sell drugs at higher prices and drug shops. The also buy and sell cannabis which isn’t available from drug shops. They spawn at 3 different locations around spawn, its up to you to figure out where these spots are.

Watch Out for Cops #

Police can patrol spawn and search you. Be careful when trying to sell at spawn. If you get caught with drugs you could be put in jail!

Note: Police ranks aren’t currently allowed until player base increases.

Ranking Up #

In order to rank up use /rankup. If you have enough money and the required mcMMO levels you will be promoted. Each time you rank up you will receive the perks your new rank offers. Check out the ranks page for rank perks and information.

Shops #

There are three shops located at spawn behind the big red fitness center. These shops are restocked every 3 hours and the prices are dynamic to current demand and supply. Expect for certain items to be out of stock from time to time and keep an eye out for changing prices.

Player Spawnshops #

Spawnshops are player owned shops located at spawn. You can purchase available shops by clicking the sign in the shop that appears when shops become available. You then have build permission within the shop and can create as many shops as you can fit. Spawnshops must be paid for daily, you can renew your shop with /ss renew <days> and get spawnshop information with /ss info. Once your spawnshop expires it will then be available for anyone to purchase.

PVP Staking #

Staking is PVP battles between 2 players with a system that allows you to bet money and/or items. To initiate a stake use /stake <playername>. The items you wear when the stake begins are the items you will have in the battle. You will not loose any of your gear or inventory, you will only loose what you placed in the bet before the battle begun.

Getting Help #

Majority of the time players in the server will be able to answer most of your questions, please start there when you are having trouble. If you still cant find the help you are looking for hop on our discord and ask in the help channel there.

You may also use our ticket system. /ticket message will alert a staff member and they should respond promptly.

Reporting Players #

If you are having issues with a player please use /report <playername> <reason> and a staff member will be alerted. You can also report players in our discord if you aren’t getting the assistance need using /report.

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