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The Drug Server

Update to 0.98a

Update Notes

  • Added guns(Pending shop setup)
  • Added air drop event(Pending setup)
  • Added crates system(Pending setup)
  • Added auction house system
  • Added anti-cheat
  • Added many new staff management features
  • Fixed resource pack not downloading issue
  • Rankup now uses herbalism level instead of power-level.
  • Drug processor annoying sound fixed.
  • Drug processor no longer burns fuel when there is nothing to process.
  • Fixed drug processor dropping bugged item.
  • Fixed access to drugs by rank.
  • Added player scoreboard.
  • Added cash item.
  • Players drop 10% of their money as a cash item when they die.
  • Added server wide reward for reaching daily vote counts of 25, 50, and 100.

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