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The Drug Server

Update to 0.97a

Drug processor added with this update. Take note that ecstasy, LSD, DMT, heroin, and shroom’s are all required to be processed with a drug processor. Drug processors can be purchased from the general store behind the big red fitness center at spawn. Also note that drugs must now be unlocked. Details below;

  • Weed: Nobody
  • Ecstasy: Stoner
  • LSD: Addict
  • DMT: Junkie
  • Heroin & Shrooms: Dealer
  • Cannabis: Drug Runner

Update Notes

  • Added a getting started book for new players
  • Added help command
  • Drug Processor functionality implemented
  • Cannabis Plant bugs fixed
  • Drugs now must be “unlocked” as you rankup, weed is available initially
  • Added set-home flag to world guard flags to prevent setting home in certain regions
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