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The Drug Server

Staff Openings

The Drug Server is a new and upcoming drug server, our server offers a variety of features including custom drug items, police, gangs, mcMMO, guns, and more. We are a fairly new server and are still in alpha. Our current staff team consists of 3 members. Our server has had over 200 unique joins but we have not spent anything on advertising. The goal is to release on the last few core features over the next few weeks. At that point we will be investing in advertising And focusing on growing our player base.

We are looking to expand our staff team. There is a developer position open, take a look at the details below and if you feel fit, please apply.


This position requires that you are at least moderately experienced with Java and familiar with Bukkit/Spigot API. Please only apply if you actually know java, no newbies. Initially you will be tasked with creating random events for the server. You will be working with citizens api, to create interactive scenarios. Once familiar with the server you will be expected to help fix bugs and develop new features. If you enjoy developing plugins, fill out an application below.

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