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Official Server Rules

By joining “The Drug Server”, you automatically agree to all the rules stated below and you understand you will be punished if you happen to break any of those.

Excuses such as “I didn’t know” or “My brother did it” are not valid and will not be taken into consideration by our Staff Team. 

1. Chat Rules

The following rules refer to the use of our in-game chat and Discord Server channels, mentioning which actions you are not allowed to do:

1.1 Rudeness/toxicism towards other members, if you have something to settle with anyone, do it in a decent, polite manner.

1.2 Accusing other members of hacking or any other rule break in public chat, if you believe anyone could be doing such, you need to report them so our Staff Team will be able to handle the case properly.

1.3 Advertising other Minecraft Servers’ IPs or external Discord Servers in public chat, even though it is your own, this is not the place to promote it.

1.4 Spamming the chat with similar messages in a short period of time.

1.5 Flooding the chat with multiple messages all over.

1.6 Swearing EXCESSIVELY at other players or staff members, as we do not support this kind of behavior on our network.

1.7 Posting links which refer to content not related to our server.

1.8 Sharing links leading to inappropriate or malicious content.

1.9 The excessive use of caps in the messages sent.

If broken, any rules listed above could result in punishments from a warning to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the action and previous offenses.

2. General Network Rules

The following rules refer to all the actions you are not allowed to do on our server, which might give you an unfair advantage over other players:

2.1 Using Hacked Clients, Mods or Texture Packs which will give you any unfair advantage over the other players in usual actions, such as building, mining or PvPing is not allowed and will be strictly punished.

2.2 Having multiple accounts in order to farm wins/stats or have an unfair advantage over the rest of the players.

2.3 Using any account in order to play after being banned on your main will be considered as Ban Evading and it will not only get you banned on that account, but it will also decrease your chances of getting unbanned on the main one.

2.4 Scamming users, promising them ingame stuff or Buycraft goods, which will result in severe action taken against you and all the scammed items being returned to the initial owner.

2.5 Abusing the game mechanics in any way so you can gain an unfair advantage or have the game not work properly.

2.6 Exploiting any glitch found on the server in any way, if you find one you should immediately contact the Staff Team.

2.7 Finding any way to destroy the server’s builds, crash the server or slow down the performance with full consent. 

2.8 Building inappropriate structures which could be offensive in any way.

If broken, any rules listed above could result in a punishment from a jail to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the action and previous offenses.

NOTE: Please note this document might change at any time, so you should check back on it regularly to make sure you know all the rules clear and nothing new has been added meanwhile.

We reserve the right to take action against you for matters not listed here which we find offensive or harmful in any way towards the community or the server.