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The Drug Server

Checking In

I just want to touch bases with you guys and keep you updated on whats going on with the server. I didn’t manage to get an update out last week due to a pretty big reconstruction of alot of our systems in our servers plugin. I work on the server daily and don’t want anyone to think that I’ve stopped working on the server due to the lack of updates over the past week. I try to get at least weekly updates out so, I wanted to let everyone know what the issue was last week. The server player base has also reduced lately but, I will continue to add features as fast as I can and eventually this server will start to come together with much more to do for some of the higher rank players. With that being said I plan on hiring another developer to our team to hopefully speed up the time it takes to push updates. Thank you for those who stick around while we continue to create our community, it would be nothing without you guys!

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