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Server Update

Update Notes Added guns(Pending shop setup)Added air drop event(Pending setup)Added crates system(Pending setup)Added auction house systemAdded anti-cheatAdded many new staff management featuresFixed resource pack not downloading issueRankup now uses herbalism level instead of power-level.Drug processor annoying sound fixed.Drug processor no longer burns fuel when there is nothing to process.Fixed drug processor dropping bugged item.Fixed

Drug processor added with this update. Take note that ecstasy, LSD, DMT, heroin, and shroom's are all required to be processed with a drug processor. Drug processors can be purchased from the general store behind the big red fitness center at spawn. Also note that drugs must now be unlocked. Details below; Weed: NobodyEcstasy:

Fixed but that allowed gang members to damage eachother with bows Added /bal <playername> to lookup other players balance's Added /seen <playername> to lookup when player was last online Added /playtime to show your playtime on the server Fixed auction bid amount format bug Fixed auctions not giving items when inventory full Fixed

Added backward compatibility to server, any version may now join the server.Added weed custom model and texture.Added weed seed custom model and texture.Weed price raised. Added random events. Only one random event for now but more to come. Fixed a bug that caused weed to yield less weed and seeds than it should.

Added gangs. Fixed starter kit from giving two swords and no shovel. Fixed chat rank tag formatting. Player jails are now broadcasted to the server. Tags can now be switched between using /mode player | vip | staff. Rankup insufficient funds response fixed. Added /pay alias to /money send command.