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June 2020

Update 0.99.2a Changelog Added /realestate add and remove sub commands to add or remove players from propertiesFixed new player tutorial bug.Fixed drug dealer bug that left the dealer spawned when the event wasn't running.Fixed real estate bug that removed members from the region on server restart.

Update Notes Added guns(Pending shop setup)Added air drop event(Pending setup)Added crates system(Pending setup)Added auction house systemAdded anti-cheatAdded many new staff management featuresFixed resource pack not downloading issueRankup now uses herbalism level instead of power-level.Drug processor annoying sound fixed.Drug processor no longer burns fuel when there is nothing to process.Fixed drug processor dropping bugged item.Fixed

The Drug Server is a new and upcoming drug server, our server offers a variety of features including custom drug items, police, gangs, mcMMO, guns, and more. We are a fairly new server and are still in alpha. Our current staff team consists of 3 members. Our server has had over 200 unique

Drug processor added with this update. Take note that ecstasy, LSD, DMT, heroin, and shroom's are all required to be processed with a drug processor. Drug processors can be purchased from the general store behind the big red fitness center at spawn. Also note that drugs must now be unlocked. Details below; Weed: NobodyEcstasy: